Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 03, 2014


We've once discovered a pangolin in front of the house. I still remember I was in early Primary school and was waiting for the carpool ride early in the morning. Me and mum saw something rolling down the road. We got help from the meat vendor (on motorcycle) to catch it. It was so exciting seeing this creature up close. I've never seen one and don't know what it is until I am older.
Very unique and I would say quite cute.
I cannot recall what happened to it in the end though. I think my dad brought it to somewhere to release it back to nature.
But it's sad to hear that it's one of the most trafficked animal. Take a few minutes to read this.
Pangolins -- two species of which are endangered and all of which are protected by international treaty -- are trafficked by the thousands for their scales, which are boiled off their bodies for use in traditional medicine; for their meat, which is a high-end delicacy here and in China; and for their blood, which is seen as a healing tonic.
Yes, that's how cruel we human are.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Of rude taxi drivers

On certain days of the week,  I will go back to my parents' house with my sis. We will take a cab from the office. On good days, it's very easy to hail a cab but normally, it takes a few tries. Most cabs are not willing to go to my area. Seriously, it's not jam at that hour. And we can actually port the cab drivers if they are unwilling to take any passengers to certain locations.
So, yesterday, we encountered one of the rude ones. First, he seemed unwilling to go to our destination yet, he asked us to get in despite us telling him where we are gong earlier. Then he started to complain about the traffic there, how bad it normally is, as if it is our fault. I can tolerate that but his tone of voice, I really feel like slapping him. He said it's better if we take bus instead of wasting his time. He brought up religious issue and about the missing plane after I counter back some of his statements. I really wanted to argue with him but since we are both girls in his cab, I just play it safe. I took out my phone to capture his details but I couldn't find his taxi registration displayed anywhere in the car.
We noted down his plate number and I have lodged a report with the SPAD but not sure whether any action will be taken.
These cab drivers are really a nuisance and gives a bad image to our country. But nonetheless, we've met some good ones. So, urge everyone to lodge a complain if you've met any rude cab drivers. And also do compliment the good ones to encourage them to do better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beautiful places

It must be photoshop-ed. Too beautiful to believe.

40 Unbelievably Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

How I wish I can visit all of them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7 Things To Remove From Life To Be Productive

Recently, I have been following this site - It offers some tips which are both insightful and useful. Many of the things we might already know but did not really embrace it. I found the below quite enlightening.

1. Remove Distractions From Social Media
This is easier said than done, but distractions creep into every aspect of our lives.  Take an hour every day and turn off the Facebook Messenger, let the Instagram feed move on without you, and ignore the SnapChats.  It’s amazing what you can do in just one hour when half your time isn’t spent checking your social platforms.

2. Remove Emails From Your Inbox
For most professionals, email is a tool that they use daily and can’t do without.  The little red dot with the number of pending messages can be daunting.  Keep your inbox clean! Check your mail when you get it, categorize it, and move it to a folder filing system.  You don’t have a file folder system in your email box?  GET ONE!  Keeping your inbox clean and taking action when a message is received will save you time and keep you out in front of your day.

3. Remove Tasks Through Delegation
You don’t have to be the CEO to delegate tasks.  Find creative ways to utilize every resource available to ensure you’re productive.  This can be as simple as having lunch delivered rather than going out and picking it up yourself or utilizing a live chat on a retail website to find the product you need to buy rather than spending hours searching.  Always be looking for ways to increase your productivity and efficiency by utilizing resources around you.

4. Remove the Roadblocks You've Created Over Time
Most people spend the majority of their time today doing something very similar to what they did yesterday.  Life is very cyclical in that way.  And it’s very easy to fall into a trap of doing tasks the same way you've always done them.  Remove the roadblocks you've created by being a creature of habit.  Always look for new, efficient ways to do your most repetitive tasks.  By focusing on the things you must do and finding a slightly better way, you get the most productivity boost.  Think about simple things like the route you drive to work or requesting a new keyboard rather than using the one with the broken left shift key.  The small details, over time, lead to big boosts in productivity.

5. Remove Your Resistance to Change
Without change, you will only be as productive as you've ever been. Embrace new ways of doing things.  Learn from others around you.  If your co-worker always finishes before you, study what they do differently and be open to changing if it makes sense.  Change can be a powerful force to drive a productive life.  Stay open to it.

6. Remove Things That Don’t Matter
We too often hold on to things that no longer matter, whether for sentimental reasons or because we are so unsure of what the future brings. Don’t be afraid to remove the clutter.  Whether the clutter is physical objects on your desk or in your home, relationships that just need pruning, or emotional scars that you hold on to, let them go.  When you focus on what’s truly important you will live a more meaningful and productive life.

7. Remove Your Dependence on Others
When you only need yourself, you control your own destiny.  Whether it’s huge things for which you depend on others like paying for bills or getting to work, or small things like working in a software or finding answers on your own, take a step back and see what dependencies you can remove.  Make sure you don’t bite off too much to chew, but push yourself to learn more and be independent.  You’ll appreciate your success more and become much more productive.

There are distractions everywhere, keeping us from being truly productive.  By finding things to remove from your life, you can become more productive each and every day.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Just one of those days

It's just one of those days when you woke up and feels shitty.
It's just one of those days when you just want to stay in bed for the rest of the day and not do/think of anything.
It's just one of those days when you ask God, why is this happening to me?
It's just one of those days when you wish you can be somewhere far away.
It's just one of those days when you wish you can have a fabulous and happy life.
It's just one of those days when you don't feel like giving a f*** about your job.
It's just one of those days when you just wish everyone stay out of your way.

Sigh, it's just one of those days.....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Food Review:Robson's Height Seafood Restaurant

I don't know how I landed myself as the organizer for this year's Sao Gong lunch for the team before Chinese New Year. Well, not actually specific for the team but more of like for the usual lunch gang + the rest of the team members. Being the lazy me, I just prefer a smaller group of people which just nicely fit in a table.

I went to Robson's Heights Seafood Restaurant a couple of years back and as far as memory serves me well, I really like the food there. So, selfish me wanted to go back there and that's how I chose the venue.

1) Our first dish, of course is the "must have" Lo Sang. Half of it ended up by the side. The raw fish is quite fresh I must say.
2) This is an accidental dish. I pre-ordered without knowing how it looks like. I remembered the person telling me something about minced meat with tofu. It's edible but not a favorite for us. It didn't taste much like tofu but it's a first for most of us.
3) Fried brinjal with meatfloss. With my current obsession with brinjal, I read about this from blogs and I know I must order this. Fried + meatfloss, it can't go wrong. And it didn't disappoint! It was delicious.
4) Salt baked prawn. Fresh big prawns, just nicely flavored and not too empowering in taste. I can still taste the juicy prawns. Yumsss...
5) Best dish of all. The restaurant is very famous with their pork ribs and it's easy to see why. Perfected marinated, not too sweet nor sour, not too sticky, and the meat just tender and soft. It's the winner that day. *licks fingers*
 6) Herbal chicken. It's like customary to have a chicken dish in every meal. Instead of ordering the roast/ steam chicken, I thought of trying something with a bit more gravy/ soup. The dish didn't really hit the note. It's not bad but just mediocre in taste.
 7) Another highlight of the lunch is the crab baked rice. Imagine fragrant rice with crab roes and with fresh crab meat. This is good enough to be eaten on it's own.

8) We ordered a dish of vege as well - the Green Leaf Dragon which is known for it's expensive price but it tastes good. Well worth the price.

The total bill is not that bad for all the good and tasty food.

Address & Contact Number :
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone/Fax No : 603-2274 6216.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rigor Mortis

I bet no one actually knows what this meant until one googles it.
From trusted source:
Rigor mortis (Latin: rigor "stiffness", mortis "of death") is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate.In humans, it commences after about three to four hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates from approximately 24 hours after death.

Not sure if anyone remembers this movie with the same title that came out on the big screen sometime last year. I watched it yesterday. And I hate it because some scenes are stuck in my head now.

Don't get me wrong, I love horror movies. But this is not really horror, more to gory. And I hate gory movies. I still remember scenes from Chainsaw Texas, The Hills have Eyes, Thirteen Ghosts. Yeah, seems like as much as I hate them, I can't run away from them.

So, if you like gory, you can Rigor Mortis on your list. I don't really understand the whole movie. Some scenes just doesn't make sense. Watch it if you want to know what I meant.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Double V day

Coincidentally, this year, Chap Goh mei (15th day of the Chinese New Year which is also the last day of the New Year celebration and also lover's day for the Chinese) and Valentine's day (which is to honor a Christian Saint - Saint Valentinus) falls on the same day.
It's a double celebration of love today!
So, happy happy Valentine's and CGM.
For me, it's another boring day in the office. Work, work, work and more work.
So, how are you celebrating today?

Friday, February 07, 2014

Without you, reunion dinner is not the same...

The past one week or more is one of the hardest time of my life. I don't know how to even start to describe it.
Have you ever felt that you are about to lose someone you love? Have you ever felt so helpless and just want to give up and cry?
When my dad was unwell due to flu and cough, we didn't take it seriously. We went from one GP to another, hoping he will be well soon before CNY. One problem lead to another. Cough, flu became less, but stomach became very tight and bloated. We thought it's wind because my dad has sensitive stomach and can't take certain medicine. So, the GP gave him gastric and wind pills. He became quite weak and not able to walk much. He's always tired and just want to lie down. His face was beginning to swell, but due to our ignorant, we thought it's normal water retention.
What scared me the most, he is hallucinating. Seeing things and mumbling stuff that wasn't there. When I see him like that, I broke down and cried.
Two days before CNY, he woke up, short of breath. We know we have to go to the A&E then. His face was swollen double the normal size, we can't even see his neck. He was admitted and there's water in his lungs, he can't urinate on his own and his sodium dropped way below the optimum numbers. Doc say his condition is quite serious. His heart is weak and swollen which might have caused the other problems.
The first few days in the hospital was the toughest, I can't help but cry sometimes when I am alone with him. We have our simple reunion dinner thinking of him.
Day by day, we just hope he will get better. We can't do much but accompany him and talk to him.
Thankfully, his condition improved. Eight days later, he is discharged.
It's a relief for all of us at home. I don't need to camp in the hospital anymore. However, we know that the journey from now on will not be an easy one. Dad will need a lot of support in his daily lifestyle. It will be tough but I know it will bring us closer as a family.
After these few days, nothing means more to me than the health of our loved ones. In my heart, I made a mental note to lead a healthy lifestyle, not only for myself but for everyone around me.
I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a happy CNY.